Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown
The clay work of my first 20 years had been almost exclusively functional pottery.  I have been using the function of forms for every day use as a medium for my creative expression.  My latest work represents an effort to reach beyond the basics of strictly functional pottery.  My fascination with surrealism, and the limitlessness of the imagination to conceive of that which does not exist encourages me to create new forms that give life to the basic function of traditional pottery.  To further inspire my creative process I look to the beauty of design elements that the earth has to offer.

I am drawn to the natural earth qualities of Stretching the Limits of Clayclay: the smell, the look, the feel of its granular surface as it’s stretched by the pressure of my fingertips.  My fascination with texture and the pliable nature of clay leads me to examine not just the outside, or on the skin, but inside, below the surface.  I challenge myself by finding new ways to better express and use these elements in my work.  I find the historical uses of clay, wood, metal, and stone valuable resources, but nothing speaks to me more clearly than the material itself and how it responds to manipulation.

Woodfiring in Seagrove, NCThe firing process has become as elemental in my work as the forms and textures I use.  The controlled chaos of the woodfiring process enhances the surfaces of my pottery in a way that I cannot do in the glazing process alone.  Imagining how flame and ash will leave their mark on my work, caressing the textures as they wrap around the forms, affects the way I think of my work in the studio.

I have been addicted to clay ever since that first whiff of the intoxicating aroma of a fresh bag of clay in my High school art class.  It was then that I discovered my fondness for the yielding natujeffinkorea-1re of clay, that invites my every touch.  I try to approach clay with that same lust for discovery each time I start to work.

sink 019-1
I have been making sinks for the bath room for quite a while now and the Vessel Sink design has become very popular.  I maksink 038-1e a range from the simple, to more complex sculptural designer sinks that can elevate your bathroom to level of an art gallery.  Email, or give me a call to have a custom sink designed for your next remodeling project.

Just a few pots.


Just love this piece!! ... See MoreSee Less

July 13th, 12:46 pm

Just love this piece!!


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Thanks Teresa Lynn

Glad you are loving your salt pig!

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After a fewdays of learning the Lightroom Photo editing app here are some example of auto correct with different setting for shapness. ... See MoreSee Less

April 19th, 1:04 pm

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April 6th, 10:42 am

Jeff - thanks for the great pottery throwing lesson today in your studio. Can't wait to get home to The Villages and use the techniques you showed me!! Lynne ... See MoreSee Less

September 26th, 9:22 pm

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Woodfirng Still Life ... See MoreSee Less

March 28th, 3:59 pm

Woodfirng Still Life


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Love the color mix

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