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HUMAN Speakers
My friend Huw Powell,
who helped me get this web site started,
builds a line of loudspeakers by hand 
just up the road from the Pottery.

Carolina Clay

Tom Gray and several other friends
who have influenced and inspired me 
are represented here.

League fo New Hampshire  Craftsmen
League of New Hampshire

The mission of the League of NH Craftsmen is to encourage, nurture and promote the creation, use and preservation of fine craft through the inspiration and education of artists and the broader community.

Welcome to the Heart of North Carolina!

While your in Seagrove....
you can find...

Things To Do, Cities & Towns, 
Event Calendar,  Places To Stay


Empty Bowls Project
Empty Bowls Project: 
A tool which we can all use in working towards the goal of ending hunger. 

WaterShed Center for Ceramic Arts 
What Is The Secret
  Understanding The Secret (Law of Attraction) will   make a big difference in your life. You will want to   watch it several times to really get it.

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