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Wood Fired Sake Server with Guinomi

I am getting more and more enthusiastic about these little guys. I almost wish that I was a heavier drinker so I could use them more often. It is such an intense nugget of a clay cup and what the fire does to it is interesting. The fire caresses the textures and leaves it's marks in just the right places as it wraps around the form. There's so much going on in such a small space

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Sake is an acquired taste and is not something you are going to develop in most restaurants unless they have a sake bar. My experiences with "warm" sake in restaurants has not been good. The sake that gets warmed is usually the lowest grade of cheap sake, and that is what most people think of when they hear the word "sake".

In fact it was by accident that I discovered the difference between good quality and low grade sake.  I bought a good bottle of Japanese sake as an offering to a wood firing.  After giving some to the kiln, my firing mates and I shared the rest ....I liked it , and have been learning about, and sampling different brand of good Japanese sake ever since...with passion.

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